Turmeric Alive Gefermenteerde Kurkuma Capsules Living Nutrition (English)


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In 2017, the Turmeric became the superfood of the year. Nutritional supplements with turmeric pop up like mushrooms. Including the special product Turmeric Alive from Living Nutrition. Capsules with organic fermented turmeric, turmeric root and probiotics. The fermented turmeric capsules contain microorganisms that support the intestinal flora and boost the immune system. Experience the power of Turmeric Alive. These biologically certified capsules can easily be taken with or without food. A jar contains 60 fermented turmeric capsules (net weight is 30 grams). Thanks to the vegetable cellulose of the capsule, Turmeric Alive is also suitable for vegetarians, vegans or people with a gluten allergy.