Pure Collageen, Planet Paleo, 225 gr (English)


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Pure Collagen from Planet Paleo is a dietary supplement that exclusively offers pure, natural protein and collagen peptides. No mix of other herbs. Only proteins (bovine collagen). These peptides are made from the skins, bones and cartilage of cows. This product is available in two sizes: 225 grams (30 portions) or 450 grams (60 portions). We have the 225 grams in stock. We are happy to order the pot of 450 for you (price 43.50) Mix powder from one portion with at least 200 ml of water or juice for intake. You can also dissolve the powder in hot drinks, such as coffee or tea. Athletes General health digestion, bones and joints Hair, skin, nail Unique features; 100% collagen peptides From meadow cows Free from pesticides, antibiotics and growth hormones Highly absorbable Essential protein source Gluten-free and dairy-free