Primal Goddess Collageen, Planet Paleo (English)


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Primal Goddess has a delicious berry flavor. In addition to taste, this formula has been specially developed to support the skin, hair and nails. This powder contains a mix of collagen, antioxidant-rich berries (schisandra, goji and acai), omega-7 fatty acids, vitamins C and E, burdock root and the ponytail plant. Primal Goddess Collagen from Planet Paleo comes in a plastic pot and weighs 210 grams (approximately 35 servings). Mix the powder from one portion with at least 200 ml of water or juice for intake. In addition to this product, it is recommended that you also drink two liters of water per day. Suitable for: Appearance of hair, skin and nails Fragile hair and nails Dehydrated sagging skin Mature or damaged skin Unique features: Promotes the health of skin, hair and nails Natural berry flavor Winner of the Beauty Shortlist Award 2017, 2018 and 2019 as the best beauty supplement

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