Myco-Qi Reishi Traces & Cordyceps Capsules Mushrooms4life


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Myco-Qi brings your energy back into balance. Myco-Qi from Mushrooms4Life contains both organic reishi spores and organic cordyceps mushrooms. Organic reishi mushroom spores are the latest craze in the field of nutritional supplements.

A beautifully designed packaging Myco-Qi contains 60 spores of capsules. An intake of two capsules contains 400 milligrams of reishi spores and 400 mg of cordyceps mushrooms. The capsules do not contain any artificial additives. In addition, the capsules are made from vegetable cellulose, making them also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Mushrooms4Life products are produced organically in the UK.

With support of:

  • Fatigue -Improves oxygen intake (sports performance)
  • Improves lung function
  • Male / female fertility
  • Support the kidneys