Digestive Collageen, Planet Paleo


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The Digestive has been specially developed for digestion and is enriched with after-meal herbs such as peppermint leaves, artichoke and licorice and the amino acid L-Glutamine. In addition, this collagen powder contains probiotics. In addition to the herbal blend and probiotics, the Digestive also contains high-quality proteins that come from pasturing cows. No growth hormones or antibiotics have been used in the breeding of these cows, making the product very pure.

Digestive collagen powder from Planet Paleo can be drunk cold or processed. Due to the extra ingredients and vitamins, this collagen cannot be used hot. Delicious in a smoothie, water or juice, for example.

We advise our customers to mix about 7.5 grams (about 1 tablespoon) of Digestive collagen powder with 200 ml of moisture. Prefer to try this product first? Or let your customers get acquainted with it in an easily accessible way? This product is also available in handy one-portion packages.

Ideal for promotion or at trade fairs. A special formula with probiotics Enriched with after-meal herbs, such as peppermint leaves, artichoke, deglycyrrhizinated licorice Collagen made from grazing pasture cows (without growth hormones or antibiotics)

Also available in handy one-portion bags

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