Chaga Biologische Mushrooms Mushrooms4life

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Chaga mushroom supplements are completely happening. Extracts from Chaga therefore fly out of stores. In addition, extracts from all healthy mushrooms are the supplement trend of 2020.

Chaga Organic Mushroom Capsules contain a complete extract of powerful Chaga mushrooms from the heart of Siberia. The 60 easy to take capsules contain full spectrum hot water extract of fresh Chaga (Inonotus obliquus).

The mushroom capsules each contain 400 milligrams of Chaga extract and no artificial additives, making it suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Mushrooms4Life products are produced organically in the UK.

With support of:

  • Improved vitality
  • Boost for the immune system
  • Strengthens the body
  • Strong anti-viral effect
  • Antioxidative effect- very high content of superoxide dismutase (an enzyme that cleans up oxygen radicals in organisms)

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