Candi-X fermented Shiitake Capsules Living Nutrition


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Candi-X from Living Nutrition is part of a popular line of nutritional supplements based on healthy mushrooms. What makes Candi-X special is that next to Shiitake mushrooms it is full of fermented herbs and spices, prepared according to a traditional Kefir-Kombucha process.

The certified organic capsules can easily be taken with or without food. A jar contains 60 fermented shiitake capsules (net weight is 30 grams). This health blend is organic and contains no gluten, soy, grains or dairy, making the product suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

The capsules support:

– Fighting infections

– Proven against Candida (a yeast that occurs naturally on mucous membranes in your mouth, vagina and intestines that can cause infection)

  • supports useful microbes (bacteria and fungi)