Bone Broth Sport Protein – Chocolate – Bio – 480gr Planet Paleo (English)

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Planet Paleo collagen is produced from animal skins from grass-fed pasture cows. First the animal skins are soaked in an alkaline solution for a while, after which the collagen is extracted from the skins. After this, the collagen is hydrolyzed by an enzymatic process, so that it is better absorbed by the body. Collagen also has a neutral taste, is more easily soluble in drinks and contains only collagen peptides.

Bone Broth, on the other hand, is made from the bones of the cows. The bones are gently boiled in water for a long time. This pulls the primary nutrients out of the bones and creates a nourishing broth. As a result, Bone Broth contains fewer peptides (30%) and many proteins (70%) compared to collagen.

Properties Bone Broth Sport Chocolate

Extra high in proteins: 13.5 grams of protein per serving (!)

A delicious chocolate flavor

Rich in glycine Low in carbohydrates

Especially for the fanatic athletes and people with an active lifestyle

Delicious with (vegetable) milk

Perfect for use in baking or protein shakes

Good for building muscle and muscle recovery

Certified organic

Content: 480 grams (30 servings)

Ingredients: Organic Bovine Bone Broth powder *, Organic Raw Cocoa powder *, Organic Cinnamon powder *, Organic Vanilla powder *

* Organic certified

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