All our CBD products are made of EU certified industrial hemp plants.
Our industrial hemp grows on our own fields in the sunniest part of Austria.
All fields are certified organic, no pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers are used.
Our products are 100% natural!
We are convinced that the chemical balance of the plant should be respected, and that an isolated cannabinoid can never achieve the effect created by the interplay of all the cannabinoids. In our new CO2 oils and in the extract the other cannabinoids are present in higher concentrations.

CBDa and CBD
Our hemp flowers are intentionally not heated during processing, but purely naturally produced. As a result, the concentrated hemp extract provides unique components because it contains both CBD (cannabidiol) and CBDa (cannabidiol in a carboxylic acid form). Both forms have been found in many studies to be very effective. CBD is obtained by Decarboxilation (heating) of CBDa on min. 145 ° C.

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