Our CBD products are extracted from organically grown raw materials, hemp material exclusively grown on European fields, naturally without the use of pesticides. Also no alcohol is used in the extraction of this product. This extract is produced by critical Co2 extraction. This guarantees that the CBD oil that is made from it is 100% natural – exactly as nature intended. Our CBD products contain such a low THC content (<0.2% legal limit) that it is NOT psychoactive and is therefore safe to use for pets and children. Cannabidiol from hemp or cannabis sativa appears to be very valuable for humans and animals. It is possible that you as a consumer can no longer see the forest for the trees. The choice in CBD products is large Which CBD product someone can use best depends on several factors. Tastes differ and everyone has their expectations about what a CBD product can mean for him or her. The biggest differences in our CBD products are in the concentration of CBD and in the manner of consumption. For oral use there are different types of CBD rich oils and capsules. The creams and ointment are intended for skin care. Of course, the various application forms can also be combined with each other.